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Hey hi everybody welcome to Independent Hyderabad Escorts in Srinagar Colony, Srinagar Colony Escorts Service, Hyderabad CP Escort Service, Independent Call Girls in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad Srinagar Colony Call Girls, High Profile Female Escort in Srinagar Colony, whenever you are search escort ladies then contact Srinagar Colony Escort Agency, Hi this is Seema and say I will bring in at something on how to talk about accident how to talk about actions that have occurred in the past so basically this on the past tense of verbs world's deepest Bass pictures simple form of verb forms ok let's take a look at Srinagar Colony Escort ladies looks like someone's ringtone video and therefore renting of Indus Facebook the best Hyderabad Escorts. Wednesbury hot picture wow what's the person doing well when the skies the BESCOM becomes poor spice form of the world pay someone Inspector Inspector listening to music one is a very hard working person and I know this person is working very hard and what becomes they thanks for office office office johnson please say that study is the best form of this world high neck stitching what's the vascular with Thomas day office wear next vacancy is valid for 25 minutes and that makes me hungry some really hard what have that Srinagar Colony Escorts only great and best call girls, I can say that a person is exercising and the best form of that work field exercise talking all talk on the phone form of OK form of ok and and therefore relax become my best going to launch you use always work in the past tense because we're going to do not actions and I am a co-owner wireshark in these words when they get converted to the past tense so when I say someone has done something in the past this Bird off screen rent a video rent what is the best form of the verb battle for happy talk about this in the past I was saying ringtone haridwar iWatch series afternoon hindi my next dise form of the word missing can be converted to listen whenever you need just drop me call.

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When you are looking Srinagar Colony call girls we are seriously serve you great model service, I talk about it french music office work on the basis of the world is work when I convert in past tense my current month fastfilmz study rascals box awards and immediately and effect is it hard to swing the base form of the verb becomes practice for the day have the end of the world in the past I cook something yesterday now has Srinagar Colony escort everything, I want to know something exercise work hard work, so when I thought that on Srinagar Colony Escorts, I will just and the next the next forest would become a doctor in my past tense becomes hostel fees the past tense of the body in the words with thought about these actions that happened on some money because now I am going to sleep. Only words in sentences and see how we can form sentences of Escort in Srinagar Colony what we are talking about past incident so we have already seen how we can use verbs in the past tense let's begin how we cannot talk about accident that happened in the past negative people sentences using the past tense the first question what did you on Friday with Hyderabad Escort Ladies, how was that ladies for you on Friday so that is the past tense whatever but you every now and then why my sentence what's last past tense so what is my past tense now I did you watch TV last Friday what you did that he say only great Srinagar Colony escort, I want to be on Friday maybe with Ethernet what is missing Srinagar Colony Escorts, I play tennis last week ok next question about she has put on Tuesday sentence hope is my past tense or saurabh Shukla amla conjuring how he has started on 13 sorry so much tension for me wednesday products animal of questions about matthew on Monday night friend waxes age of David hall monday night my friends on FB for YouTube OK what did you do last time when you tell me that by humans are in the box you love and let me know for kids sangeeta.

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New lesson today's lesson is about possessive adjectives and Srinagar Colony Escortss in this lesson you going to learn the difference between possessive adjectives and Srinagar Colony Escortss and how to use them correctly in your sentences adjectives now as you know an adjective is a describing word which describes a noun it gives you possessive adjectives are my your his her its please note there is no a positive feeling here Srinagar Colony Escorts and there in my post example my name is Rachna and mine is the possessive adjective which describes the name of in mind for my name so basically a possessive adjectives tells you about and ownership of possession of something ok so tell you someone on something their houses big so how was the noun and there is the possessive adjective describes the house of being only for their house in my aap card is new and are so aaj kar it belongs to ask for a Srinagar Colony Escort Agency is new this is the possessive adjective and possessive adjectives to be Srinagar Colony Escorts but please remember these are not to announce their possessive adjectives take you through and explain you what are possessive Srinagar Colony Escortss take a look at the possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts Srinagar Colony Escorts place a noun possessive Srinagar Colony Escortss are mine yours his has its are there please remember we do not use an apostrophe Srinagar Colony Escorts, if you remember my your his her 1 hour and their mind your his horse its are there remember without an apostrophe this market is mine is mine now this is a possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts and it is most followed by now because of Srinagar Colony Escorts replaces and noun so you do not need a now that I cannot see this is my Mac that is wrong so now here example that computer is yours Hyderabad Escorts Service will given this lesson on your computer so it is yours an example there is a new smart TV I can't see this smart TV is a new is there such a possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts when I hate this part is clear to you please remember a Srinagar Colony Escorts replaces and now so after you use this Srinagar Colony Escortss mind your his her if are there they are never followed by a noun I'll show you how you can use a possessive adjective and possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts in the same sentence identify whether there are adjectives of Srinagar Colony Escorts in the sentence in my first sentence their house is Bay and our houses small the house is a noun for their house this is a possessive adjective and our house again Rs coming before announced Srinagar Colony Escorts, so it is a possessive adjectives which describe a shows possession of the house so now if I want to replace this replace it with a possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts what I need to do is remove the other think like other escort in Hyderabad.

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I put my possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts friends please remember that you have to remove Srinagar Colony Escorts house because a Srinagar Colony Escorts does the job of replacing a noun so you have a sentence that houses by and as is small not our house please remember opposite the Srinagar Colony Escorts is never followed by a noun for don't forget to miss out of work you cannot save their house is big and are small no is small so the possessive adjective and Srinagar Colony Escorts and possessive adjective and noun is replaced by a possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts in the next sentence dress hard drive it shows ownership of the dress is white and my dress for my is an adjective is pink turn down your you have mind to take Hyderabad Srinagar Colony Escorts Girls, so hot and mine is pink not mine dress ok a Srinagar Colony Escorts is not followed by is computer works and how computer doesn't computer adjective computer and awesome fun places with the help of computer works and her does what is the basic difference between a possessive adjective and possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts or possessive adjective always comes before a noun like this and in case of a possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts it is never followed by an hour confusion is clear between the possessive adjective and possessive Srinagar Colony Escorts and show after watching this lesson you will understand how to use this to correctly in your sentences please to put in your comments and queries Hyderabad Escorts, if I am going to be back by 10 room within you listen to when to take care and bye.

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