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I am talking about you now technical think like a person's height for weight for that you can use some words that show that there is no difference between people height weight for there any other adjective that you can only think about ok so you talking about comparing even though there is no more interesting ways of seeing that he is exactly the same south on the same height what happened about no difference between 11 talk about the same height with want to get into the technical images used the word same forward to you this days baby you are the Hyderabad Escorts talking to is Hyderabad Escort Ladies forward your Hyderabad Escort so he is exactly the same age as my Hyderabad Escort is the next way of showing no difference a price which still more call girl can the notes no difference between the very similar like the flowers or more hawa curtains window curtains are a nice shade of pink affecting on the flowers are looking at that your comparing happened to be the same colour do you want to talk about the colour do you know what the colour really you are simply said the flower is known as the same colour of our next 7 comparison of the computer is similar to Chinese food our Hyderabad Escorts ladies like, so when there is no difference between the two pools you can use a phrase with self similar chinese food which means that there is no difference between the two girls you can compare and contrast and that's aesthetically bring about the similarities and differences when you're using it you who came in the right way by fulfil dream at your Hyderabad Escort is going to definitely improve your thinks and whether you needed.

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