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Welcome To Dilsukhnagar Escort Service

Welcome to Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Escort Service, Thir you can find Independent Call Girls in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Model Escort, Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar High Profile Escort, Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Air-Hostess Escort, Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Russian Escort Ladies, Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Independent Call Girls, Top Class Model Escort in Dilsukhnagar, Dilsukhnagar Escorts Services, whenever you needed just contact our Escort Agency, My friends yesterday I was reading a newspaper and I came across sentence that said there is an epidemic of flu epidemic when it is nothing but a widespread or a disease that is happening to a lot of people at the same given time yes we come across a lot of medical expressions medical terminologies any offer get confused as to what does this mean or sometimes you visit a doctor and uses certain word basic medical word you can I get confused and you really don't know what. Is trying to make sointra question we are going to learn about few expressional for terminologies that use pertaining to diseases or Ronaldo what you mean by acute supposing I have pain in my left on ok and it comes for some time during the day my arm hurts with intense Dilsukhnagar Escorts, ok and it goes away probably with a painkiller are you know with adjustable applying some ointment but its not been there for a very long time same maybe two or three days so when I go to the doctor and want to tell him I have acute pain in my left arm that means it's for a short period of time it is intense so when you have pain that is for short period and it is it could be put in 10th comes quickly and we say it is acute the medical term used Dilsukhnagar Escorts Ladies, if I have acute pain now that people who have headaches ok so it come for her period and dispute intense then difficult doctor I have this cute headache and it really disturb me volume work that means it's a short period but intensity Hyderabad Escorts which is exactly the opposite of acute something that has been going on for a long period of time or has been happening for a long time you call a chronic so if you have been suffering from a disease for a long period of time you say I have it is chronic now imagine Dilsukhnagar Independent Escort take her, I have been working out of the gym for a very long time I have developed this package and it's pretty unbearable so when I go to the doctor spin the for a long time but I have kind of overlooked it and not really done something about great Dilsukhnagar Escort.

Dilsukhnagar Escorts Services

When I go to the doctor will tell him I have this package ok that means he will understand that you know I have been suffering from this package for a very long time landing on weather start a long term used to work acute and chronic next one is congenital conjunction is a condition it could be an illness or a disease that have from birth is inborn in in it now one of the most common congenital medical conditions that you find is the hole in the heart a lot of Dilsukhnagar Female Escort unfortunately I born with a hole in the heart and Algebra and the doctor examines this certiport and what they want to sell the pen in this world has been doesn't support the use the word congenital so when a doctor says congenital it means that the disease or it could be you know any element of anything like for example the hole in the heart has been there since the birth of the child yeah that is the term used the term congenital so be aware and now you know what time can you tell me the next one is Hyderabad generate now degenerate advances examples Cancel Dilsukhnagar other Escort service, if someone is detected with cancer report of 4th Stage and the doctors use there is no turning back it is Irreversible and probably is just too late three days they use the word D generator condition the disease just get worse it advances so when face is a degenerative disease what he tries to 10 years it is going to get worse with time I have a friend of mine and her uncle is suffering from cancer and virtues gudilo yesterday because after the checkup and the entire you know dissemination the doctor said that he is suffering from Dilsukhnagar Escort Service and Hyderabad Dilsukhnagar Escorts Services, I am in the cancel the Hyderabad generator that means just going to get over now the next one is epidemic so only you have these are periods where you example the most common know that was all this is weather was the dengue some call it dengue dengue mosquito that leads to fever and weakness you and in many cases it has lead to death so dengue is epidemic flu is epidemic order is an epidemic flu epidemic means a disease that is white bread and is happening to a lot of people at the same time also there was a time when we have Dengue Dengue how are you pronounce great with us given Dilsukhnagar Escort, if you needed more detail just contact our Independent escort.

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Whenever you are her just come Dilsukhnagar and jain with us, it is it was epidemic of people was suffering from dengue at the same time so when a disease is rampant it's it's widespread unlock people suffer we say it's epidemic right that means a lot of people are suffering is like an out the next one is terminal now terminal means of a disease that is going to lead to death yeah it go it going to terminate your wife is going to end your life now sometimes doctors don't want to be very a blunt and save earth is going to die all we know there is no way out something at Dilsukhnagar Escort, so watermelon so if he said that algebra example pieces John is suffering from something that is going to take his life of cost his life you will say don't have a terminal in now terminal in this means that it is going to Terminator life some point of time that needs it is not possible probably or maybe they can do very little to help you know her personal life as long as at Dilsukhnagar Female Escort, they can by way of medicine gora surgery whatever works but at the end of the day what the doctors trying to tell you that there is not much they can do now that could be because the disease has it wants to that page or you know probably have cut it too late so when someone say when a doctor tells you that these diseases Dermatologist illness is terminal that means it is going to costume your life remember Hyderabad Escorts these are a few medical terms that you should be well acquainted with the next one is refractory now suppose you are suffering from disease and to have started medication with Dilsukhnagar Female Escort and if it's a long term medication like say about six months like for example tuberclosis Dilsukhnagar Escort Service, you have medication for 6 months and you kind of go for your regular check up for x-ray doctor kind of cheese have all the medicine is working and sometimes they feel the medicine isn't working there is life there is no improvement in your health condition and only say it is a disease is refractory that means it is resisting the drugs and basically the drugs are not working on you so precious refractory will it could be something to worry about because that means the medicines are not working my even after 3 months of medication on the disease into Factories Act means the medicines are actually not helping other Dilsukhnagar Female Escort there is no improvement in the health condition despite the medication first second you have a third degree now this is basically used for burn so if you can select only best escort service.

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If you are looking call girls service then you can select our escort because we are seriously serve you great model service in Dilsukhnagar Escort, I burn ok first degree burn that means a very normal bird which could be just taking care of our the help of first aid second degree burn is something that is not as a is available more advanced than the first degree burn ok and you definitely need medical help and third degree burn is something that is a very intense and requires a lot of medical help it could even you search me so when you say first degree second degree of third degree Burn It means it is the kind of classify the intensity of the bond face for example will get bored at home at Dilsukhnagar Escorts and it's not that bad but you want to sit medical help your doctor tells you don't worry we are her Hyderabad Escorts, it's just the first degree Burn It means if she is a little treatment and you may find the second degree burn then it needs more time to heal and needs more care and 30 definitely could mean really intense and could require surgery so what out and the potential to what the doctor says to Jacqueline know what degree burn you have right ok now we have a word saying in this now if an English invasive that means it can spread with inspect entire body massage at Dilsukhnagar Escort, it can spread so on singer Madhavan remember the first time invasive technique that can spread throughout the body and that is a very scary of of other Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad Escorts, so it mean that in weight into your other parts other organs of the body and that means you are in deep trouble but increases non invasive that means it will not spread to other parts of the body of the Other organs so this is how it is safe to use Voice instead of spread and will not spread the user word invasive and noninvasive in case anus will not spread sample Rashi have a skin rash and the doctor says it will not that he will say it's a non-invasive Raj Uni don't worry I will treat it treat recording me anything base of you tell you this is invasive and you need to take care of it writes the basic medical terminology hope you don't have to speak about medical report for you in newspapers you will come across his birth and I am sure now you know what they mean I hope you enjoyed watching this lesson I will be back soon with a new lesson till then take care and bye.

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