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Welcome To Hyderabad Escort Service

Hey Hi dear and welcome to Hyderabad Lakdikapool Escorts Service, There you can find Independent Female Escort in Lakdikapool, High Profile Call girls in Lakdikapool Hyderabad, Model Escort in Lakdikapool, Lakdikapool Escort Service, Lakdikapool Call Girls, totally there you can find only safe and sequre escort in Lakdikapool, Difference Amrit Maan Ambassador new lesson in today demonstrative pronouns and adjectives towards Basic English learners and general people get confused how do we use demonstrative pronouns or adjective starts at me explain what do you mean by demonstrators now Hyderabad Escorts announcer speaker talks about certain ideas that you are closed Lakdikapool Escorts or or insert or something that is close at hand who's this this when I save this is something that is close at hand for example this Marker for this talk about something that is singular it is 1 and when there are many you say this what is the plural form for this and these are used when you talk about object that are closed or close at hand or certain ideas ok now only talk about something that is far away or any point of a something so you said that for example Lakdikapool Escorts Service it is said that Lakdikapool Escorts you say that for an object Parasparam anything for you say those she is safe dose you crying sound cannot next Tuesday offer for hope that you demonstrate is this these that those this and these for object Saranya this possibilities of rural and object setup for that you use when we talk about a singular object and doors supplied to take you through a few sentences to show you the difference between demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative at understand the difference between demonstrative adjectives and pronouns example this Lakdikapool Escorts is me adjective qualifies a noun if you see it has come before a noun Lakdikapool Escorts it is generally used with nouns for this Lakdikapool Escorts is new that means I am talking about One Lakdikapool Escorts singular please remember the Virgo news because it's just one Lakdikapool Escorts is singular so the work also has to be single Lakdikapool Escorts, so this Lakdikapool Escorts is new this is John speaking now after this so basically a demonstrative pronoun can come alone to stand alone with me not qualify or they don't qualify or no show you this is a demonstrative pronoun again this is because it singular please do not you know people station said these are so please number this is always this is because it is singular sample this spends on you now there any pain at only other Hyderabad Escort.

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If you are her for the looking some one at Hyderabad Lakdikapool Escort, when is a noun for the Mini pencil dispenser because you are talking about more than one friend so they spend on you visited this is a demonstrative adjective because it is qualified audit is talking about 10 minutes plural form pants ok nouns examples you look perfect how many sloka sloka the next example that talk is black again the news that will talk about an objective for finance is black so I can I use is because it's just wonder qualifying and emphasizing on the ground or so that talk is black and adjective demonstrative adjective now coming to the demonstrative pronoun that is incorrect someone tell you something is there no that is incorrect it comes alone that is not an ideal something for you can't touch it it's not a thanks for that is incorrect examples series are old against those are because they are for Lakdikapool Escorts qualified the noun series in the plural form for those series are all those R series 3 years points are Lakdikapool escort ladies they are fat and then floor those R series ok send it is clear to you and go to take you through a different uses of these demonstrative pronounce energy that and those to avoid repetition of a previous noun for example the climate of New York is like that of Lakdikapool Hyderabad no is a noun to avoid this no more sad because it's an idea that is far away and second thing not just one time to the climate of India in like that of Lakdikapool is like the climate of Lakdikapool Escorts are used that to avoid the repetition of previous noun climate ok high profile sample papers no noun dose of Europe know your nose is replacing renowned rivers and I used Lakdikapool Escort to because the noun is employee go solar save the river of America and largest dam in crossing the river and places by those are ok with Hyderabad Escort, I hope this is clear to you let's move on to the next condition when you have already mentioned or spoken about certain things problem with two things to replace them with this and that for example alcohol and tobacco arrangements to announce alcohol and tobacco this perhaps last mention the noun of the objects attack was the last mentioned Lakdikapool Escort, I'll use this ok so we use this to replace the object that is last mention that is tobacco to this replaces tobacco less than that now the object alcohol this and that replaces objects talking about you have mentioned this replaces the opportunities for class about and that for the object that spoke about a new website I hope you enjoyed watching please give comments and query I'll be back soon till then take care and bye.

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New lesson International am going to teach you how to use the auxiliary verb do now well intonation you want to learn how to use do does and did ok so in the first for best thing to be used in interrogative sentences into negative means will ask a question for exam do you know him know what is happened is we generally you will speak very inform me ok locally so we have forgotten how to use the auxiliary verb do what we actually do if we change our to Norway you know user different relation and ask you know him so the app actually that is not the correct way to ask question grammatically to form of correct in interrogative sentence you put the auxiliary verb do so do you know him now this is a simple tense interrogative do ok next example doesn't work this is also a simple present tense we used third person singular like Lakdikapool Escort Ladies, she it so I do you do if it does we do and they do that is bindass play the role of automobile used in the simple present tense interrogative statement but doesn't look for the third person shooter is a third person so you know that you cannot save do you work you can say do they work for third person please remember Lakdikapool Escorts Service, you say does he work photo simple present tense interrogative statements you use do for you we they and for the third person use stuff that is for him sure it ok moving onto the next did he is coming yesterday now with Hyderabad Escorts Ladies, when you ask the question something related to the past few values did did is the past form of do now when you use this please remember Lakdikapool Escort, the main work in the present of the base form cannot save delete game this is wrong because the auxiliary verb or what is called a General in this supporting work is already in the past tense of the verb following did always has to come in the breast so they will come yesterday this is your simple question come yesterday you please remember we use do does did for interrogative statements in the present and past respectively and Ruby back and human uses of the auxiliary verb 2 take a look at 2 minutes. Do you want to make a negative statement for example I don't know him so this is a simple present negative statement happens a lot of people don't use don't and they say only our Hyderabad Lakdikapool Escort only great.

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I am not know him or I not know him which is wrong you have to use do don't in a negative statement for simple present tense in my next example it doesn't work this is also a simple present but life examples of doesn't in case of a third person what means not work this is wrong again please remember do and does or don't or doesn't both are simple present tense used for interrogative and negative the only difference is 2 is used for Lakdikapool Escorts, I you we they and that is used for thesis example he didn't come yesterday something about something the pasta making and negative statements so I have to see this which is big what is the past he did not come again please remember the work comes in the present form something he didn't came or didn't went he didn't come so beautiful look at how do is used in negative and interrogative sentences now let's see how we use the auxiliary verb do to emphasize an affirmative statement and affirmative statement is nothing but a positive statement for exam tired now I didn't even say you look tired but when I want to emphasize I will say fashion emphasising and telling that you do look tired similarly - example I told him not to go but he didn't go now your I can even say Hyderabad Escorts Service, I told him not to go but when songs about him but because of emphasize and say despite telling him not to go he did not like other Lakdikapool Female Escorts, I say I told you not to go but he did go please remember the work after this is always in the present tense so but he did ok now imperative sentences apricity sentences when you make request command for orders you do not have a subject like you you have you are your there are no subject tell him not my classes is out of my class she does not seem to get out get out the best in imperative sentence she is making an order and there is no subject write the first one to know your payment failed but you know when I am pursuing command for an order it similar to the emphasising accounting of phosphorus ok I am good be back soon to be quiet rukmani persuade someone at this escort agency.

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I used to listen number in imperative sentences we never use does it always do in an example to come on time for the meeting what I can say come on time for the meeting tomorrow but when I'm emphasising and first meeting or convincing I say you come on time for the meeting on how to use do does do when we want to avoid the repetition of a verb in a sentence for example he sings well my things well about Lakdikapool Female Escorts, I want to agree I say yes she does keeping well I just simply Hyderabad Escorts service is great, I suggest you don't show your just because the third person now is Singh yes he sings well repetition of things example he likes chocolates and so do you just saying and you like chocolates do I can say so do you so the auxiliary who is replacing the previous verb life in the sentence Second Phase 4 you in my thought example do you know him to say yes I know him say yes I do fear 2 is replacing the verb know that means you do not repeat the work no you say yes and select Hyderabad Escorts, I do example of my friend was very hard you say so the one that means you are replacing do with the previous work works in the sentence end of this lesson please remember to use do does and did correctly let's take a quick recap we use do as an auxiliary verb in negative sentences in interrogative to emphasize in a format of statement to avoid repetition of a previous work and imperative sentence I hope please open your comments and queries a penny I am going to be back very soon till then take care and bye.

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