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Hello dear welcome to Hyderabad Nallagandla Escorts Service, If you are seriously search Call Girls in Nallagandla, Nallagandla Independent Female Escorts, Nallagandla Escort Service, Nallagandla Escorts Service, Difference induction and a back when you let me introduce lesson Anmol teach you how to use conditional sentences with the word if the people get confused When we start a sentence with a what are the kind of verb that follow and why so so today I am going to take you through for conditional sentences and see how we can use them you know in our daily conversation ok so let's look at some sentences you the first type of conditional sentence is zero conditional sentence now we call the sub zero conditional sentence because we use it for scientific facts or general stores things that you cannot change and always remain the same ok with Hyderabad Nallagandla Escorts, so I have two examples there for you will go through each of them in my first example if you boil water to degree celsius in points normal friends if you noticed Nallagandla Escort, I boost up present form of the verb because it is a scientific fact it does not change so whenever you boil water, It's Now instead of if you can even used when boys ok in my next example if you don't get attached to avoid getting the second part of the sentence now this is a present tense but a negative sentence so you don't get a time please do not say you won't get it wouldn't be wrong but because it is a General truth always keep it in the present tense alright with Independent Call Girls in Nallagandla.

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Hey guys in this Nallagandla Escort Service seriously provided great services, I hope the zero conditional type of sentences are clear to you let's move on to the next one the first conditional in the first conditional type of sentences with talk about something in the present or something that is probable in the future ok send my first example if mother knows we are in serious trouble no problem is done something you know Nallagandla Escorts all your siblings and you know your skin so if mother knows what is serious trouble again prevailing now if she know if conditional obviously she doesn't know you are not been any trouble so be used if when you are making a condition in the bed happening right now or prevailing in the present you say if mother knows in serious trouble ok now minus example study seriously you pass the test now well again this is a condition because if you don't study of a sphere clear your exams so if you study seriously you will ask if you do this now the probable future result will be you will pass the test refresh whenever you start a sentence using if you never use the immediate work in the Nallagandla Escort, I cannot say if you will study seriously you will pass a lot of people make this common error so remember the image of verb after is well in this sentence it is study so you say if you study seriously the latter part of the sentence can come in the future tense no prob alright with Nallagandla Call Girls, so I hope the zero conditional and the first conditional types of here I am going to take you through the next two condition type of Sentinel let's take a look at the next conditional sentence we call it the second conditional where we use this funny talk about a hypothetical situation something that Unreal you imagine you and it's not possible for a to happen for something that is not here you imagine or something that is hypothetical probable questions Vivek idea to use II condition now I have to sentences your for you let's see what form of the verb we use in the second connection lottery, whenever you needed just call us.

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I would buy a Ferrari if I do that something that is again very imaginary or until you always take them in the past tense or what we call the second form is not something that is prevailing in the present a probably don't happen in the future so we use the word in the Second form so if I won I would buy why you take it in the past I want buy a flat ok in my next example if I became the President I would make a lot of things when I became even now any talks about it right now is too small his not qualified to be a president has a v became the President with Nallagandla Escorts Service, I would make a lot of changes something ok Samachar is talking about Nallagandla Escorts, if I became I would make again he will not say I will make I would make you take the globe in the past form so friends remember when you are using a second conditional which me something that is imaginary and you always put the book in the Second form after if possible in the following sentence like you say the verbs and in the past form ok now even not clear ok now in my comparison have taken the same sentence and I put if I become the president with Hyderabad Escorts Service, I will meet if you go to see the structure this is taken from the first conditional but something that is probable in the future now a presidential candidate who has or who is qualified to be a President can make the statement because pumping next month does stand a chance of becoming the President for something that is probable in the future he can say this ok send this is the difference between the first initial and the second conditional Nallagandla Escorts, you are a little boy says because he is not qualified its Unreal is imaginary your in the first conditional a presidential candidate who has potential of becoming a President uses this kind of structure alright I hope the first three types are clear now I will take you through the last type of conditional sentences using Ok third conditional when we talk about something in the past that time something I didn't do something and hence there is a consequence to your action ok sir two examples.

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If you had won a sunblock ok if you want that means you didn't do this you hadn't wanna sunblock so we take the past perfect tense that is had ok verb in the third form or what will call the past participle where would want if you have one person blocked you wouldn't have gotten a tank ok you say would have and the verb in the past participle for you wouldn't have gotten a time now search Nallagandla Escorts, I am I using wouldn't have because you're talking about something that happened in the past you didn't why this and so this is consequence of something that you didn't do please remember this is completely in the past the time frame has gone the action of doing are not doing is just over it's not going to come back for something that's in the past you did or didn't do and has a result we use the third conditional that is if had past participle with would have gotten attack using Hyderabad Escorts Girls, the negative depends on the situation like let's take a look at the second example if if you did one right so you haven't won me again the past the third form ok I would have how to test result please don't tell mum that I have not cleared my exam so you want Nallagandla Hyderabad Escorts Ladies, ok but if you didn't if you had ok this would have told about your ok I hope the third conditional is very clear to you again this is for something that happen completely in the past the time frame remember to use I have depending on the situation with the work in the third form that's the past participle right size this brings me to the end of this lesson I hope you enjoyed watching this lesson I am sure love without will now get clear and place to put in your comments and queries time I will be back soon within you later then then take care and bye.

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