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Hey Hi Everybody welcome to Hyderabad Shamshabad Escorts Service, their you can find Independent Call Girls in Shamshabad, Hyderabad Shamshabad Female Escort, Genuine Model Escorts in Shamshabad, Top Class Model Escorts Service in Shamshabad, My friends and welcome to a new life science lesson isn't it about Universal issue that happens all over the world and its called sexual harassment ok so in today's lesson we are going to take a look at various forms of sexual harrassment now sexual harrassment is unwanted behaviour ok it's unwanted behaviour that is offensive and of course it is sexual in nature ok oK it is sexual in nature say that someone is subject to sexual harrassment or someone is sexually harassing you get the things that we need to observe and keep in mind and remember Shamshabad Escorts, when you encounter the situations you need to be careful and ensure you are say OK so the first type is group now and people commonly say that someone was hoping himself ok now group means it's a very informal word used to say someone is touching a body part to get sexual pleasure at Shamshabad Escort ok thanks image of you this lady is in a public place or she is walking down a crowded road and assessment who tries to touch her parts like her best for genital area in genital area Shamshabad Escorts or genital organs are you be productive ok ok now imagine someone tries to completely trust her out right choice to fill her Hyderabad Escorts, OK it is offensive and obviously don't like when someone does that to you it is kind of grouping OK when someone is touching you now from kinds when you are in a crowded place for people would like to just across like this and you're kind of joke and feel kind of you just joke and its like you have a New York reaction and you feel home Shamshabad Escort, I got something is not right all right now this is an unpleasant touch because someone is touching you in one of your private parts price for when you come across this situation we care okay make sure your safe make sure your around if something is when someone touches you now it is not necessary clothing touching another person who is feeling his genital organs and pressing it just to indicate that was a sexual Desire ok so he could group himself to Shamshabad Escort and when you see a person like that he's trying to indicate that means he's feeling himself and trying to get to you remember stay away from Shamshabad Escorts and make sure your say ok and grouping well you can have even touching or brushing ok so you can say one private part on another person so kind of you know who went through it is a form of sexual harrassment alright then next one is facial expressions for example in a travelling by train okay and as a guy who is infant very sexually attractive or he wants to convey something to you he doesn't use facial expressions nice facial expressions Shamshabad Escorts Service, I do not need someone who just smiled called him yet you of course not I am talking about you know having suggested expressions for example he will let his lips like this tell you that you know he has sexual Desire or he gets it is unpleasant look Avengers there's that you're probably is opposite you and he stares at her but he makes you feel very uneasy.

Shamshabad Escorts Service

So this is a form of sexual think you feel just contact us, when people make this facial expressions please they are not friendly or pleasant expressions like a normal smile would be this is something serious a person's intention is she has strong intentions be aware when someone again bite lips lips lips care that you are probably stay at your private parts be very careful oK so the next song is inappropriate looks alright now inappropriate looks mean someone who won some adventures admires you will always keep a very pleasant look to appreciate the kind of probably forgot other Shamshabad Escorts that you have but when someone looks at you up to down and kind of checks you out and cannot get his eyes off you and he has suggested sites to make you feel that oh my God you are someone that Shamshabad Escort Service, I Desire and fancy and Overseas intentions are not correct this is when you say someone has inappropriate looks or sometimes they catch attention by even kind of winking at you like this all right and of course that's not friendly that's not a kind gesture to make please be aware and be careful because he is giving you inappropriate looks that means incorrect unacceptable looks okay the next one is sexual drawings basics with drawing pictures images now again proposal ever in a public place on this but we are safe provided service serious click Shamshabad Escorts and call me and the sky has a magazine and he sees the picture of this lady and he tries to indicated to buy Sewing with you get attention or he tries to point out for example this is a picture he tries to point out inappropriately by probably he will discuss this part of the picture on people practice part on will just something like that to you that means he is expressing his sexual Desire through and image to drawing ok trying to do this Hyderabad Escorts or trying to indicate something like this to you ignore and stay away do not respond to this people alright so this is also a form of sexual harrassment when the show you drawing a picture and try to tell you about a sexual Desire defence the next one is sexual favour now this is something very upfront and bold they could be people you know they keep your friends because your college at Shamshabad, I could be anyone in an acquaintance is equal to anyone comes up and tells you are probably they have intercourse with you and get intimate with you and of course there is no love there is no relationship with Shamshabad Escorts. There is no attachment and have some fun and have a good time with you time of you could have a great time and directly ask someone for sexual favour and work do not given say no report this to someone senior maybe a family member or maybe a senior colleague at your office but make sure this is reported because if you don't do it a lot of other ladies would be a victim to this ok so sexual favours means they are very clear about the intentions this is for you have a good time to take Shamshabad Escort Girls, I Just Wanna Feel You ok and Friends Nearby of be careful and be aware of such people and do take some action but make sure you have seen your people who will help you and satirist situation ok well you needed someone their you can find.

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The next one is physical interpretation now the people who are very direct like this for sending you stroke your back and make you feel very comfortable or maybe again try to brush against you or when you're standing at your desk maybe just passed by touching your shoulders are probably just taking the hand across your birth and that is called physical interpretation intimidate you by coming to close to you and why that's when you say that's too close for comfort ok they get into you they don't want you feel comfortable and remember Shamshabad Escort, when people try to be a wonderful funny stay away and stay away from these people and keep yourself safe hair styling courses someone blessing of stalking someone or just talking someone but across like that Ok thats call Shamshabad Escort intermediation remember nobody is supposed to enter into that personal space of yours ok the next one is cyber bullying well this is one of the most common forms of sexual harrassment with Shamshabad Escorts Ladies, you could have people doing this from a different country all together now Hyderabad Escorts, who expresses sexual desires so you could have someone who probably you don't even know that has your number and send you nude picture on WhatsApp or kind of emails you so damn dirty jokes share our Shamshabad Escorts Girls or it could be images or even a Shamshabad Escort ladies and they use fibre as a medium to express the social desire for when you receive such pictures of videos on between letters all about sexual activities remember you could take action and they would get into cybercrime we call the cyber bullying because it is done via Internet and like Shamshabad Escort, I said this is the most common form of her sexual harrassment because it really easy to do it right and you are not the only person subject but they could be just sending it muscles are cross member take action do not given by replying to them or anything do something about Hyderabad Escorts, it to stop this kind of sexual harrassment which is very common ok thank you, form for sexual harrassment which is universal be aware of them and well expressions and my mistake you know exactly what time is right time so I was too I hope I hope you and your friends so remember stay safe always I'll be back soon with us till then take care bye.

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